Our trained technicians deliver unique and complex applications designed to suit your needs. We look at the quality of your raw water along with the logistics of your home to design an application that is perfect for your home and your family.

Our goal is to design, install and service a system that provides water for your needs. Based on your circumstances, we can provide the following options for service:

  • Outright purchase of the system
  • A Preventative Maintenance contract
  • A WaterCare program = Equipment rental + Labour + Parts + Technical Support

We provide water treatment technology and support services for systems ranging in size from less than 1 gpm to 50 gpm, single tap, whole house, commercial demands for restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfasts and commercial kitchens.

We have access to the most up to date technology available for treating a whole spectrum of ingredients found in drinking water, including arsenic, chlorine, iron and manganese.