Water Testing

McTaggart Water Systems provides a wide range of services and products designed to meet all the unique situations households and businesses can be exposed to.

We are specialists in customizing water treatment technology and maintenance services for applications unique to your situation and water quality.

Summary of Technologies

  • UV disinfection
  • Arsenic treatment
  • Iron and Manganese filters
  • Under sink filters
  • Whole house systems
  • Bacteria test kits

Summary of Services

  • Water testing
  • Potable water certificates
  • Small community water systems
  • Pump and re-pressurization systems
  • Whole house systems
  • Under sink filters

WaterCare Program

This program bundles the appropriate water treatment technology, maintenance schedules, replacement parts, and technician labor within a monthly service fee. This program assures the correct equipment is used for the application and has the level of maintenance needed to keep the system running optimally.

Purchase Out Right

You can purchase our systems and either maintain the system yourself, or call us on an as need basis.

Maintenance Services

We provide scheduled maintenance services for all our systems and for many competitor systems.

Spare Parts and Consumables

We carry a large range of spare parts, filters, UV bulbs, and other components in our retail store to assist our customers with maintaining their water treatment systems.

The level of water testing can vary depending on the type of information needed. McTaggart Water Sytems provides several methods in which you can determine the quality of your water.

Home Kits

We offer a variety of home test kits that can be used for non-certified results. The result you get from your test kits will help you monitor your water treatment systems, hot tub, spa, or pools yourself. Examples include:

  • Bacteria Test Kits
  • Iron, Manganese, Hardness, pH, Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid, Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Ask us if you don’t see a parameter listed here that you need to test for!

Bring Samples Into Our Store

We offer a professional lab service that is designed to test a variety of parameters in your water. This service is designed to assist our customers in managing their hot tubs and pools. It can also be used to test for specific ingredients in your drinking water.

Technician Field Testing

Our technicians and water treatment specialists are outfitted with testing equipment to test specific parameters in your drinking water, hot tubs and pools to support our maintenance and design services.

Certified Lab Testing

McTaggart Water Systems is certified with EOCP BC for water sampling. We provide water sampling and private independent certified lab testing. Our services can be used for:

  • New home purchases, especially if you need a mortgage.
  • Occupancy Permits and Building Permits. We are certified to evaluate lab water test results and provide Potable Water Certificates.
  • Properly designed Water Treatment Systems that are used for providing safe drinking water and protection of your water appliances and plumbing in your home
  • Ongoing water quality evaluation of your water supply