Case Studies

Case Study: Maureen Whitney, Bowen Island (Rain Collection)

McTaggart Water Systems was approached by Maureen Whitney to design and install a rain water collection system for her garden that has been featured on Bowen Island garden tours.

The goals that McTaggart Water Systems had to meet included:

  • The system needed to collect the maximum amount of rain from her roof area in combination with maximizing the water storage capacity within a fixed area.
  • The system had to be integrated as much as possible into the aesthetic nature of the house and garden. Maureen did not want an industrial looking system to detract from her renowned garden.
  • The system needed to be simple, easy to use and automatic. Maureen just wanted to turn on a tap and not worry about hooking up pumps, operating multiple valves, etc…

The system:

We installed 3 x 400 gallon self-supporting box tanks that fit nicely within the area provided. They stood cleanly against the sidewall of the house and did not detract from the garden aesthetics.

We also had to install a small holding tank on the opposite side of the house to transfer water from the roof that could not be transferred by gravity. This small tank automatically sent water to the larger tanks.

The main storage tanks contained an automatic pump that could detect when a hose bib was turned on and therefore supply pressured water to the garden.

Various water lines were installed so the pump could send rain water to different areas of the garden and be able to support automatic drip irrigation systems

The system also included an automatic fill of the tanks using city water but only when rain water levels could not keep up with irrigation requirements. This was automatic and could be adjusted to keep the tanks filled to 1/3 capacity all the time regardless of rain fall levels.

JG, Bowen Island (Problem Water Treatment)

McTaggart Water specializes in complex problem water that can contain a wide variety of contaminants that can make using water in a home unhealthy and destructive to pipes, water appliances, laundry, drinking, cooking, and bathing.

One of our more difficult applications required us to treat a water supply that contained high levels of:

  • Iron (dissolved and organic bound)
  • Manganese
  • Clay
  • Water Hardness
  • Sulfur Odour
  • Coliform Bacteria contamination

The water contained clay particles, which are very small (usually smaller than 1 micron). These particles would plug the Water Treatment designed for treating iron/manganese/water hardness etc.

McTaggart Water was able to design a series of treatment steps to address the complex nature of this water. The result was a WaterCare system over which McTaggart Water retained ownership and therefore provided all the necessary service and maintenance to this system. The customer only had to use the water and if problems occurred we were only a phone call away.


BA, Thormanby Island (Rain Collection & Water Treatment)

McTaggart Water was contacted to design and install a rain collection and water treatment system for a property on Thormanby Island.

The goals that McTaggart Water Systems had to meet for this project are:

  • To collect the maximum amount of rain as well as maximize the water storage capacity within a fixed area.
  • The system had to be compact enough to fit in the crawl space under the house.
  • The system needed to be simple and easy to use.

The system:

We installed a series of self-supporting  tanks that can be assembled on site.  This type of tank allowed us to utilize confined space under the house rather than large above ground tanks; it also enabled us to have lower freight costs.

This 3,800 gallon capacity project also included a pump and a water treatment system to make the water potable.

thormanby rain harvesting

Assemble on site rain collection system

thornby treatment system

Monitored UV unit, 20″ 1 micron filter and carbon filter with manual control valve.

This is a clear benefit of WaterCare Programs that can be applied to complex Water Treatment or for more simple applications. The goal for us is to make living in your home enjoyable and worry free when it comes to water quality and using that water in your home.