Hot Tub & Spa Maintenance

New Hot Tub Start Up

If you have just purchased a new hot tub, we can:

  • Co-ordinate your electrical hook up.
  • Test your water before you fill your tub and recommend the appropriate chemicals and treatment for maintenance. We can provide an orientation to help you maintain your tub on your own.
  • Fill your tub and chemically balance it for your enjoyment.

Existing Hot Tub Empty-Refill Services

Hot Tub Cleaning:

Many tubs will build up bio-film, dirt, dissolved solids, and other compounds that will affect chemical balancing, bathing comfort, and healthy water. Options include:

  • Traditional cleaning: using traditional cleaning agents and chemicals
  • Natural Enzyme cleaning

Seasonal and Part Time Residences:

Many homeowners who have seasonal or weekend homes do not want their hot tubs operating year round. We schedule empty/refills, winterizing, and start-ups to coincide with your use of your recreational properties.

Call us when you want the tub emptied and winterized while you are away for extended periods, or when you want the hot tub up and running when you return to your property.

Scheduled Maintenance Services

We provide weekly services to clean and maintain your hot tub. This includes a 10-point inspection, chemical balance, and cleaning program.

Our services can be modified to suit commercial properties, such as Bed and Breakfast businesses.

Hot Tub and Pool Chemicals and Supplies

We carry a complete range of chemicals and parts for hot tubs and pools.

Water Quality Testing

We carry a wide range of home test kits and provide professional testing in our store to assist you in maintaining your water quality.