Client Testimonials

Rod R. – Thormanby Island, B.C.
“My new cabin is on an island and after years of pulling water from a ground well for my old cabin, I was convinced by my building contractor that for my new cabin I should try a Rain Water Harvesting system from Mctaggart water systems. I have never been happier that I made that choice.

I have loads of water, more than I need (even in the driest summers) and it is clean, pure, fresh and 100% drinkable. It tastes much better than Vancouver tap water.

The water is collected and stored in tanks and then sent by solar pump through filters and a UV purification system at city pressure. I would recommend this to anyone.”

Tuscany Restaurant – Bowen Island, B.C.
“We take pride in offering our customers the best quality available and McTaggart Water Systems helped us achieve our goal with our water. The sales and service were excellent”.

Richard L. – Bowen Island, B.C.
“As soon as our under-the-sink McTaggart water filtering system was installed, the life aquatic at our home was greatly improved. No more wasteful-plastic bottled waters for an immune-system-suppressed family member, and way better-tasting tea for the connoisseur of the black, green, white, and oolong leaves (and for herbal infusions, too). Even our dogs lap up l’eau from the arched McTaggart tap with a wag in their tails. Seriously, though: tastes better, and better for us.”